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Ceremonies for Life

 Honoring the human state.


Greetings and welcome to the Ceremonies for Life web site. I am Rev. A. Benae Colbért, an ordained interfaith minister. l have finally made my secret dream come true of becoming a minister with specific focus on ceremonial rites. My mission and goal is to offer alternative means to individuals and families who prefer something out of the ordinary.
Throughout the ages, humankind has celebrated life, mourned death and honored the events of life in between. These events are passages that are oftentimes worthy of celebrations and rituals to honor the memories of the moment, to keep life sacred and to experience the depth of our faith in our creator and each other. Our rituals and celebrations become candlemarks in our lives, help us to come to terms with change and the great mystery of life, and we want them to be special.
Who we are.
Ceremonies for Life  is a ministry offering traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies, holy unions, commitment ceremonies, hand fasting, civil ceremonies, baptisms, blessings, invocations, last rites and presiding over funerals and holiday ceremonies.
How we do it.
Incorporating the flavor and traditions from Native American cultures, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Universal Life, and a host of other spiritual resources and faiths, many of the ceremonies are pre-written. Or, customize your own ceremony weaving spiritual beliefs, sentiments such as poetry and personally-written expresssions, and unique artifacts.



As you explore the site, my hope is that you will be informed and inspired to take the next step towards creating an exceptional ceremony for a special event in your life. I'd like to be part of that step.
Peace, love, namaste
Rev. Benae

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