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Our Services

At Ceremonies for Life, we offer a unique solution, whatever your needs.


Weddings, holy unions, commitment ceremonies and hand fasting are among the ceremonies we can perform for two people who want to pledge their love and lifetime commitment together. It can be as intimate and simple as the three of us on a hill or at a beach, or as extravagant as a royal wedding. Or, we can help a couple custom design their ceremony, make recommendations, or keep it as traditional as how our grandparents did it. Our basic ceremony offerings, along with an intake form can be downloaded, filled out and brought to our consultation.

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Baptisms and christenings.

There are few more poignant times in one's life than to become baptized. We mostly think of those times as scenes from a movie when a godparent is holding an infant, with the parents standing by as a priest or minister says a prayer and drizzles holy water on the baby's forehead. Or perhaps more often we think of the biblical stories of John the Baptist dipping people in the River Jordan.
Baptism to us is an event symbolically-based on cleansing, a washing away of the past, and a clearing of life's path for the new. Beyond infancy, adults and children alike can embrace this ritual for a number of reasons that are always up to the individual.
While baptisim is typically administered by traditional clergy inside a place of worship, we feel a bit different about this spiritual ritual. Our philosophy is that as we are all brothers, sisters and parents to each other in life, essentially caregivers, we also have the right to help each other attain a baptismal state, and Ceremonies for Life offers this service, however it can be customized.


We all experience change during our lifetimes. In fact, I believe life is about change, and coping with those times is one of the reasons we're on the planet. Ceremonies for Life offers the service of administering blessings of words and positive thought upon the manfestations of change, including house blessings, animals, new jobs and businesses, even vehicles or boats.

Invocations, holiday ceremonies.

There are times when we all gather for one reason or another: at a meeting, during the holidays, to honor a season changing. This is another time we are in need of spiritual petition, prayer of entreaty, or calling on the collective conscience for empowerment of justification. For these times we offer the service of invocation and prayer.

Last rites, presiding over funerals.

Giving last rites is typically a tradition rendered by official clergy of organized churches, such as the Catholic church and most Protestant churches. The annointing of the sick is based in biblical belief in the Epistle of James (James, 5:14,15), and has everything to do with absolution of sins. Now this is a very serious undertaking, and should not be regarded lightly, as we believe personally that how one lives their life and any regrets they have are between them and their creator, or spiritual guide.
However, we also believe that when someone is extremely ill and in a position that they are about to pass over to another realm, taking leave of the physical, that they deserve to reunify with all life, reconcile with with any regrets they may have and spiritually prepare to meet their creator, whoever they deem that entity to be.
Having been present during these times and helped a few people and animals cross over, we consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of this very emotional and mysterious process of the ending of life on Earth.
Honoring and celebrating the life of someone who has passed, as well as acknowledging the grief of loss can be put into sentiments. We are glad to preside over funerals and memorial services, putting your thoughts and feelings into a meaningful oratory.  

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